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 +====== Request Access to the testbed ======
 +Currently project-extern institutions may not apply for access to the testbed. We plan to grant access at a later point in time when fulfilling some predefined conditions.
 +===== VPN =====
 +Our testracks can be accessed by using OpenVPN only. Clients may access the testbed at all of the three sites. After logging in to the VPN one can access all testracks residing within the testbed. Currently we're providing the following access-servers:​
 +^ Site      ^ FQDN       ^ IPv4          ^ IPv6 ^
 +|Tübingen | bwnet100.gw.uni-tuebingen.de ||2001:​7c0:​30c3:​127::​8602:​1301 |
 +|Ulm |bwnet-100g-vpn.rz.uni-ulm.de ||2001:​7c0:​900:​37:​b9:​7e:​dfdd:​1|
 +|Karlsruhe|bwnet100g-vpn.scc.kit.edu ||2a00:​1398:​200:​400::​10|
 +Some example client-configuration might look like:
 +ca /​path/​to/​T-TeleSec_GlobalRoot_Class_2.pem
 +cipher AES-256-CBC
 +auth SHA1
 +dev tap
 +proto tcp-client
 +script-security 2
 +tls-cipher DEFAULT
 +Depending on your OpenVPN-Client you may have to add some routes directing to the subnet manually:
 +^ Netz      ^ Präfix ​      ^ Gateway ​         ^
 +| ​   | 22     | ​       |
 +| 2001:​7c0:​2400:: ​  | 40     | 2001:​7c0:​2404:​2::​1 ​       |
 +Authentication is provided using the bwIDM project((https://​www.bwidm.de/​)). The username consists of the following: ​
 +<​code>​university-code {tu,​ul,​ka}_[user-id at your university]</​code>​
 +Example: "​ka_gd4323"​
 +===== bwIDM =====
 +A bwIDM-entitlement is some string-value,​ which has to be set as LDAP attribute at your home-university'​s directory service. bwNET'​s entitlement is:
 +Once the attribute is set correctly in your home university'​s LDAP you can register for access to bwNET at [[https://​bwidm.scc.kit.edu]]. After your successful registration you have to set an access-password for the VPN connection. Your VPN username (//​localUid//​) will be shown when selecting //Registry Info// on the website'​s menu 
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